Between July 6th, 2014 and August 1st, 2014 we hosted the Hazardous Weather Testbed-Hydrology (HWT-Hydro) experiment focusing on issues surrounding warnings for flash flooding. This experiment was conducted in coordination with the HMT/Flash Flood and Intense Rainfall (FFaIR) experiment hosted by the Weather Prediction Center (WPC). Stay tuned for updates about the summer 2015 edition of the experiment!

2014 HWT-Hydro Final Report
HWT-Hydro Operations Plan (PDF)
HWT-Hydro Evaluation Questions (PDF)
FLASH Products (PDF)
FLASH Products (Printable PDF)
Informed Consent Form (PDF)

For Participant Use

Daily Evaluation Questionnaire
Usability Questionnaire
Exit Survey

2014 Tales from the Testbed

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