FLASH project development has been an active collaboration between members of the Stormscale Hydrometeorology and Hydromodeling Groups of the National Severe Storms Laboratory and the HyDROS Lab at the University of Oklahoma.


Jonathan J. Gourley

Photo of Jonathan J. Gourley

Project Principal Investigator

Yang Hong

Photo of Yang Hong

Project Co-Principal Investigator

Kenneth Howard

Photo of Ken Howard

Project Co-Principal Investigator

Brian Kaney

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Web Design & Product Delivery

Pierre Kirstetter

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Xianwu Xue

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IT Support

Carrie Langston

Carrie Langston

IT Support

Ami Arthur

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GIS Specialist

Current Graduate Students

Humberto Vergara

Photo of Humberto Vergara

Research Topic: State estimation using Ensemble Kalman Filter for improving flash flood prediction
Measuring hydrometeorological variables during flash flood events with a mobile field laboratory

Race Clark

Photo of Race Clark

CIMMS Logo Fellowship

Research Topic: Evaluation of Flash Flood Guidance and FLASH outputs over the US
Development of Flash Flood Observation Database for Community Research

Zachary Flamig

Photo of Zachary Flamig

Developer (Lead)

NASA LogoFellowship

Research Topic: Hydrologic Evaluation of Remote-Sensing Rainfall Products using a Probabilistic Framework

Jill Hardy

Photo of Jill Hardy

NSF LogoFellowship

Research Topic: Probabilistic Flash Flood Forecasting using Ensemble Stormscale Precipitation Forecasts

Jess Erlingis

Photo of Jess Erlingis

NSF LogoFellowship

Research Topic: Evaluation of Tools for Monitoring Flash Floods over the Arkansas-Red River Basins in the US; remote collection and analysis of witness reports on flash floods

Thibaut Wassner

Thibaut Wassner

Graduate Student Intern
Research Topic: Developing a Flash Flood Quality Index

Elizabeth Mintmire

Photo of Elizabeth Mintmire

Research Topic: Human Factors Evaluation of FLASH

Marusa Spitalar

Photo of Marusa Spitalar

Research Topic: Evaluation of flash flood reports in Storm Data

Brandon Smith

Photo of Brandon Smith

Research Topic: Utilizing Retrieval Databases to Produce Probabilistic Flash-Flood Products

Maria Moreno

Maria M

Research Topic:


Martin Calianno

Photo of Martin Calianno

Research Topic: Impact classification of flash flood reports and ability of US flash flood forecasting tools to predict these impacts

Current Affiliation: Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

Lilly Rose Lagadec

Photo of Lilly Rose Lagadec

Research Topic: Collection and evaluation of flash flood observations from the public

Gina Hodges

Photo of Gina Hodges

NSF LogoFellowship

Research Topic: Prototyping a Flash Flood Prediction System using Stormscale Rainfall Forecasts

Current Affiliation: Devon Energy


Manos Anagnostou

Photo of Manos Anagnostou

University of Connecticut

Isabelle Ruin

Photo of Isabelle Ruin

Laboratoire d’étude des Transferts en Hydrologie et Environnement, France

Ed Clark

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National Weather Service

Frederick Policelli

Photo of Frederick Policelli

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Celine Lutoff

Photo of Celine Lutoff

Universite de Grenoble, France

If you are interested in research collaboration, graduate research opportunities, or post-doc positions on a topic related to FLASH or stormscale hydrometeorology in general, please feel free to contact us. We welcome new investigators, especially those with unique insights and interdisciplinary research experience.