The Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor (MRMS) project utilizes an automated system that rapidly and intelligently integrates data from multiple radars and radar networks, surface observations, numerical weather prediction (NWP) models, and climatology to generate seamless, high spatio-temporal resolution mosaics.

The purpose of this web page is to provide end-users of the MRMS quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE) products information regarding recent code changes and links to training, documentation, and forums related to MRMS QPE. The information in the Code Updates section encompass the development MRMS data at NSSL and the operational MRMS data at the NCO.

To send questions about MRMS QPE to the development team, go to the NOAA VLab MRMS Forum page (username and password are required for access):

Most Recent Code Update: 1 December 2016 (MRMS v11.0 operational)

Most Recent Page Update: 20 January 2017