Real-Time MRMS Data

  • MRMS QVS Suite Launcher – This site displays the real-time MRMS data from the NSSL system; Includes analysis tools such as Gauge/QPE comparison, 3D product viewer, and time series plots.
  • MRMS Operational Display – This site displays the real-time MRMS data from the live and development operational system; Single product maps only.
  • Radar Reflectivity Comparison Tool – Allows for the monitoring of potential calibration offsets and transmitter drift of radars.

MRMS Project Pages and Forum

  • MRMS Project Page – Provides a description of the overall MRMS project.
  • NOAA Virtual Lab – Includes forums to ask questions about MRMS products, blogs providing updates relevant to operational implementation and other topics, and a wiki page with technical documents on each MRMS product and algorithm. ***NOTE: Requires a NOAA LDAP account and an accepted invitation to join the MRMS page.

MRMS Documentation and Training Material

  • WDTD Training Lessons and Webinars – Online modules relating to MRMS QPE, as well as recorded monthly webinars, can be found under the following drop-down panels on the WDTD page:
    • MRMS Hydro Products Course
    • MRMS Hydro Applications Course
    • MRMS Application of the Month Archive
  • WDTD MRMS Product Guide – Contains documentation on how each product or algorithm is created, its strengths & limitations, and associated applications & examples.

Flooded Locations and Simulated Hydrographs (FLASH) Project

  • FLASH Website – Primary web page with latest news, research, and publications on the FLASH project.
  • Real-Time FLASH Data – Includes gridded hydrologic model output, QPE recurrence intervals, QPE-to-FFG ratios, and precipitable water.
  • HMT-Hydro Experiment – Contains information on testbed evaluation of MRMS and FLASH products