Model Evaluation Tools

I would like to thank all of the HWT personnel for a fun and interesting week – May 10-15. The experience was well worth it. How quickly I (being in the research community) have lost touch with the daily challenges that an operational forecaster faces. It was good to get back to those roots with a little hand analysis of maps!

I would like to thank you for engaging with the DTC and helping us to evaluate MET/MODE during the Spring Experiment. It is great to have eyes looking at this on a daily basis to give us some good feedback on how the tools are performing. It seemed that while I was there the participants were encouraged by the performance of MODE and its ability to capture objectively what forecasters felt subjectively. This is a great first step towards more meaningful forecast evaluations which we hope, ultimately, feedback to improve overall forecasts by removing systematic biases.

Please feel free to visit the DTC’s HWT page at:

You were all great hosts. Thanks again!

Posted by Jamie W.