Quick Post

I have blogged here about scales of CI but this weekend was a great example.


These storms formed in close proximity to the dryline where the southern most supercell went up pretty quickly and the other to the North and West went up much slower, remained small and then only the closest storm to the supercell formed into one. But the contrast is obvious. Even after breaking the cap, the storms remained small for an hour or so, and a few remained small for 2.

Today, we saw turkey towers along the dryline for quite a while (2 hours-ish) in OK and then everything went up. But it is interesting to see the different scales, even at the “cloud scale” where things tend be uneven and random, skinny and wide, slow and fast. It makes you wonder what the atmospheric structure is, especially when our tools tell us the atmosphere is uncapped, but the storms just don’t explode.

Looks like a pretty active southern Plains week is just beginning, as evidenced by the 43 tornado reports today and the 20 yesterday.