Code Updates

There are two series of code updates with the MRMS QPE product suite. The first set of changes come with the development products on an NSSL internal server. These products are experimental and change frequently to accommodate code changes. Only select end-users within NOAA and NASA are privy to this data. Those using development MRMS products have to accept the caveat and caution that these products are experimental, not always available and subject to change without external notification. A list of code updates on any particular development product can be requested by contacting

The second set of changes are the official code updates at NCEP on the NCO system. This is for the operational suite of MRMS products. Listed below is the next update for the MRMS system (tentatively) and a summary of what will be updated for the QPE-related products in that particular build.

MRMS v11.5.4 Update to NCO
Scheduled Implementation: 17 May 2018
Highlights of Changes Made to the MRMS QPE Product Suite:

  • Radar Ingest/QC/Mosaics: New logic to handle the new NWS WSR-88D radar volume coverage patterns (VCPs)
  • Radar Quality Index: Refined logic for better spatial continuity between individual radar sites and representation of quality coverage.
  • Surface Precipitation Type: Discontinuities for classifying tropical precipitation types were removed.
  • Gauge Ingest and Product Latency: The gauge feed into MRMS now includes MADIS along with HADS. The latency time to wait for gauges has been reduced from 70 minutes to 50 minutes in order to generate timely products for end-users.
  • Gauge Quality Control: Changes were made to the nearest neighbor gauge-grid cell pairing and to the outlier equations; Additional logic was added to accommodate future use of satellite and model fields for QC.

MRMS v11.6.1 Update to NCO
Scheduled Implementation: 27 November 2018 (Current Operational Version)

Very few updates were relevant to the MRMS QPE product suite; however, other updates were made operational that affect other products and output within MRMS. This includes the following:

  • Increase AutoNowCaster product resolution from 5 km to 1 km
  • Additional products converted to SPC NIDS
  • Modifications to colormaps for RIDGE2 GeoTIFF

The biggest update for MRMS v11.6.1 was the update of the FLASH GRIB2 compression and having the FLASH data available via web services and LDM. For more information on FLASH, please visit

MRMS v12.0 Update to NCO
Scheduled Implementation: April-June 2020 (Subject to Change)
Highlights of Changes Made to the MRMS QPE Product Suite:

  • New dual-polarization synthetic radar QPE that will replace the reflectivity-only approach
  • Application of an evaporation correction algorithm
  • Mitigation techniques for WSR-88D issues
  • Multi-sensor QPE scheme using gauges, NWP to fill radar coverage gaps
  • Product suites for oCONUS domains (Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean, Guam)
  • And much more…